It is important that your child’s room is comfortable and relaxing because that is where he comes home to. After classes, he comes home and spends the rest of the day there. He may experience stress and worries in school, and one of the best ways to help him manage the stress is through making his private space a calming and relaxing place. He would look forward to coming home if this were the case.

Peacefulness and peace of mind are two of the best and most important things you can offer your child. In his bedroom, he will feel that he will not be bothered by all that is happening around him and by the chaos happening in the world. When he is able to obtain peace of mind, of course with the help of his room, he becomes a more discerning person. He also stops searching for happiness, a fleeting feeling. Instead, he becomes at peace with his life and himself.


  1. Choose pastel colors like cream, light pink, light green, sky blue. If you want to go for more neutral colors, the best choices are the earthy colors like gray. These colors are simple and less complex. They are also more pleasing to the eyes. Research has it that these also make you feel more relaxing. This means that when the kid’s room is painted with these colors, your child is most likely to feel relaxed in his room. He would look forward to spending time in his room, and sleeping on his own will not be a problem anymore.
  2. One place for toys. Buy big bins where you can place your kid’s toys. This is one of the ways to stay organized. It would also cause less stress for kids to stay in a place where the things are tidy and clean. Teach them to clean after their mess when playing with their toys. This will also teach them to be responsible for the mess they create and organize their things.
  3. Put a lamp or a nightstand. Not only will this make the room more aesthetic, but this will also give a more relaxing atmosphere. If your child does not need brighter lights, he may opt to turn on his lamp. If he also does not use a night light, he could use the lamp when going to sleep. When he wants to have some time for himself, he can just lay in bed with the lamp on and enjoy his being alone.
  4. Put a bean bag. Have one nook in his room where he can just chill and relax. Putting a bean bag will allow him to enjoy reading or doing nothing while sitting comfortably in one corner of his room. For best results, the bean bag may be put side by side with a bookshelf. That way, he could just grab a book and read while sitting on the bean bag. It is best to choose the color which matches the rest of the room, so that the variety of colors do not become too overwhelming.
  5. Place softness at your feet. Parquet is the safest choice. You may also want to use any massive wooden flooring. White, greyish or any light coloured parquets are best recommended since earthy colors are best for relaxation, but you can also choose coloured parquet so long as it matches the rest of the room. Resin floor finishing is also one of your options. It can also be comfortable for a modern or loft atmosphere. Wool carpets, on the other hand, provide a real sense of comfort but require a higher level of maintenance. When you choose a carpet, you may refine your zen décor and provide a cocooning sensation of the room by associating several carpets made of wool or pure cotton.
  6. Choose natural and light fabrics. Fabrics should stick be natural, light and comfortable. One of the essential elements of your zen décor are the curtains which provide a sense of intimacy. More than that, however, these curtains are responsible for reducing noise and blocking air draughts. It is also best to match the colors of the fabrics with the rest of the room. You may also use blinds to modulate light in order to obtain a different ambiance and atmosphere.
  7. Minimalist mentality. Simplicity is best. Keep wall decorations at a minimum. Collections of paintings or photos or wallpapers may be too overwhelming. The trend today is minimalism, and it contributes to the room’s more relaxing ambiance.
  8. Put green plants. Plants have a calming effect through their soothing green colors and by providing oxygen. Research has it that when a child experiences stress or difficulty in his homework, he is supposed to take a 5-minute break and look at something green. This means that having green plants in his room could contribute to stress management. However, avoid flowers which need special maintenance or may emanate disturbing scents. Bonsai trees or hanging terrariums are a good choice and are often included in zen décor.
  9. Make sure the room has big windows. Nothing beats a breath of fresh air. Fresh air has countless benefits, including boosting your brainpower, making you feel more relaxed, improving your overall health, and helping you feel refreshed. If the room does not have any windows or ceiling fans, bring in a standing fan that also functions as an air purifier. Choose one that has ‘quiet’ technology, so that it does not interfere with your serene sounds.
  10. Keep furniture simple. Zen style furniture is characterized by simple and clear lines. It avoids complicated detail and excess ornamentation. It would be best for the furniture to be made of natural materials as these bring a sense of warmth and relaxation. Storage pieces such as closets, cupboards, and drawers may be painted in colors that match the rest of the interior. For best results, place the bed near the source of a natural light and away from the door or passage area.

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