Each new morning, whether sunny or grey, is filled with possibilities and the potential for great joy. Another day to awaken together as family, go about our activities, work, learning and then return home together is a true blessing.

Why not make the first waking minutes a time of conscious happiness and appreciation?

Start by taking just a few minutes the night before to prepare for each glorious morning. Have all clothes and school bags as ready as possible, get the breakfast table clean and decide what breakfast is going to be.

Set your alarm – and your children’s – just ten minutes earlier. Let your family know you are doing this to make mornings more relaxed and fun, by having plenty of leisurely time at home before having to head out the front door.

When the alarm rings, stretch yourself in every direction, drink some water and if there ‘s time, do some yoga or exercising. Take some time for yourself, too. Being alert and fully ready for the day early is a wonderful example for the kids!

Morning scents, including the smell of breakfast cooking and well-chosen aromatherapy scents can make a huge difference in how member of your family feels upon awakening.

Greet your child with a warm hug and smile. Training the little ones to say “Good morning.” At the start of each day is also important – they don’t benefit from slee[ily trudging to the breakfast table without a word!

If walking the dog or taking care of chores is part of your family’s morning routine, allow plenty of time to get things done mindfully at a slower pace, Do whatever you can to had of morning rush and anxiety.

Would your family feel more joy listening to music than the morning news? Then turn on some music, by all means! You can always catch up with news after breakfast

Setting a glass pitcher filled water with lemon or cucumber slices, or some juice in the table also helps turn a mindless morning routine into a mindful one.

A bright and mindful morning set the tone for the rest of the day. It’s a real gift to your family’s happiness and wellbeing, and helps your children and you to look forward positively to each day.

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