Here are the Art Projects you can teach kids:

  1. Drawing with Scissors: Kids could use paper cut outs or pictures from magazines and newspapers to make a collage representing their emotions. They are not bound to cut out exact and specific shapes. Allow them to explore any shape which they think best represents what they feel at that moment. Although usually, the artwork that comes out is a little abstract, it gives kids an outlet whenever they feel something but cannot determine their feelings or cannot talk about it.
  2. DIY Treasure Box: This project lets kids make their own treasure box where they could put letters, trinkets, and other memorabilia. Not only will this save parents money, but this will also teach kids to recycle paper and other materials, and at the same time be appreciative of the things they receive in life.
  3. Hand painted bookmarks: Kids can create their own bookmarks and put a quote about friendship, love, charity, or kindness. They can use colored paint or oil paint.
  4. Van Gogh Style Finger Paint: This is one of the best ways to get kids to make beautiful artworks. It allows them to explore their imagination and exceed its limits. While painting, they are to take note of their internal feelings and emotions, and find a way to incorporate these into their works.
  5. Calm Down Sandwiches: Here, kids will have to write down the things they must do in order to calm themselves in tomato, lettuce, and patty cutouts. Mostly, this activity is for kids who have anger management and temperament issues.

  6. Flash Cards: In this activity, kids are to draw or cut out images from recycled magazines which best represent each of the most basic emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, disappointment, fear. Then, kids can use these cards to label what they are feeling at the moment. Parents can also use these in order to test their kids and determine whether or not their kids know how to label certain basic emotions.
  7. Relaxation Flip Books: Kids are to cut out small pieces of paper, enough to for it to fit in their pockets. Then, they will cut out images that will represent activities that they will do in order to manage their emotions especially anger or disappointment. Then, these cut outs will be laminated. Punch a hole on the corner of each card, and slide each picture onto a small key ring. This makes for a relaxation flipbook.
  8. Dotty Painting: This art project is accomplished by painting an image using only dots. This is one of the ways kids can explore their imagination and maximize their resources. Being able to make an artwork by having only limited means to do it, kids will understand patience and perseverance.
  9. Play Dough: Clay is a kid’s best friend. Note, however, that this is not recommended for children below 2 years old. Kids are encouraged to form shapes or create things out of clay that would best represent what they feel. This is a relatively simpler task because they can change their works any time. So, kids can start off by forming things that represent negative feelings such as anger, being upset, disappointment. Then, after a couple of relaxation exercises, they shall re-form their clay into things that represent the feelings that have just emerged. If there are changes, then it means that the relaxation exercises work.
  10. Paper Maché: Using old newspaper, kids may make paper machés. It could be of any theme. They could make paper machés of things that best symbolize their mother, or their relationship with their pets, or their friends. They could use as inspiration their relationships with the people they love the most, their goals in life, their dreams and ambitions, and their predominant emotions every time they are with the people that they love.

  11. Sunflower Painting: Another activity which will generate empathy and happiness is painting sunflowers. Research has it that sunflowers are one of the most powerful images when it comes to bringing brightness to a room or making a person feel better. These sunflower paintings could be hung in the kids’ rooms so that when they feel like they are not having a good day, the sunflower painting will work its magic and make them feel better.
  12. Scrapbook: This is a classic art project. Almost all students had to go through making this not only for the completion of their school requirements, but also for purposes of remembrance. Kids enjoy making scrapbooks especially because good memories come rushing back to them while making it. They can use different crafty materials and draw with different art materials. They can also paste pictures, letters, and other memorabilia. Years from now, when they find the scrapbook and scan through it again, they will smile and remember the good times they had during their childhood.
  13. Poster paints: This activity could be broad. Kids are allowed to explore and be creative. They can expand their imagination and make whatever makes them happy. They can do an artwork that would best represent themselves or their personalities. Then, these poster paints could be hung somewhere in their houses.
  14. DIY Thank You Cards: This is most appropriate whenever there are celebrations such as birthdays, christenings, and weddings. Let kids participate in the celebration by asking them to make DIY thank you cards. This way, the gratitude would be more genuine. They will also better understand how important it is to be grateful for people who love them and are there for them. More than that, this is a chance for them to know what it means to value these people and their relationships.
  15. Build your Lego: Although at the outset this does not appear as an art project, it could still be argued that such is art because it could be used to express one’s self and to be creative. Legos are one of the best toys every kid could ever have. Sometimes, they compete on who builds better Lego blocks. Indeed, building Legos could be art. In this activity, kids are free to use Lego blocks to build anything that could best represent what their home makes them feel.

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