Top 10 Activities to Help your Child Make Pals

Friends are an extremely vital tool in the mental and emotional development of children. Making friends can be a challenge for some children. Providing activities to your child that will help and influence them to make more friends can prove to be exponentially beneficial.

1. Join Athletic Clubs/Other Clubs

One thing that schools are infamous for are their amount of clubs. Encouraging your child to participate in these clubs will put them in an activity that they enjoy meanwhile providing them with the opportunity to make more friends.

2. Buy them a Pet

Although maintaining a friendship with a pet is beneficial, having your child walk the pet will undoubtedly bring attention to them and so more people will be more likely to speak to them. Pets are a great conversation starter.

3. Arrange Playdates

Depending on the age of your child, securing a date for playing with other children can prove to be beneficial as well. This will force them into a social environment from a younger age and so they will be accustomed to conversation.

4. Encourage your Social Expertise

Considering that children tend to follow what their parents do, having your children see you socializing will encourage them to socialize as well. Ensure that your friends socialize with your child and that you show them how much fun having friends can be.

5. Provide Emotional Support

Making friends can be a difficult and stressful venture for children and so showing that you support them can make the process far more simple. Listen to them as they speak about how their day went and about how many friends they made that day.

6. Combine a List of Extra Curricular Activities

Although schools themselves offer social clubs, having your child partake in activities outside of school will also help them to make friends out of strangers. Ensure that there is a wide variety of activities for them to choose from so that they can choose the best for their personal taste.

7. Take them to the Park

Children have an easier time socializing within a playful environment. Escorting your child to the park and allowing them to play with groups of children can encourage their socializing.8. Don’t Pressure your Child

Placing copious amount of pressure will inevitably stress your child and make them less likely to socialize and more likely to clam up in social situations. Allowing the process to occur naturally is the most beneficial.

9. Invite Classmates to Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are a great way to make new friends and to help your child feel more wanted. Inviting his or her classmates to a birthday bash will benefit the potential friends and your child greatly. If you are looking to provide a comfortable social experience, birthdays are the perfect solution.

10. Seek Professional Help

If you notice that the aforementioned steps do not assist in helping your child make friends then it may be time to seek professional help. Setting up an appointment with a psychiatrist can greatly benefit both the parent and the child.

Ask your child’s school to organize a friendship fair! Children can share the ways they make friends and what friendship means to them with poetry, posters and plays.

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