As more health and wellness continue to talk about the benefits of mindfulness meditation, you might be looking for classes to take or a center to join to begin your practice. For many of us this is  as far as the effort goes for many reason. Classes may be far away, or nothing fits your schedule. Mediation is one more item to place on your already unmanageable schedule.

The there is the common  idea that the goal is to work your way up to sitting in meditation for an hour – even several hours, in the manner of crimson-robed monks in an austere mountain monasteries.

The truth is longer meditation times don’t actually bring you to inner peace any sooner! You don’t need to rise ahead of the sun, get dressed in special yoga clothes, light lamps or do anything else to set the tone, It can be fun to try all of these routines, but it’s absolutely not necessary.

Ultimately. mindfulness is about being, not doing. It is a progressive state of broader and higher level awareness. This awareness is a kind of new plateau for you, where peacefulness is your norm. Habitual negative reactions and hurtful emotional entanglements have less and less effect on your feeling of being in balance in life.

An effective mindfulness practice can be simple time out of just five to ten minutes a day.  In fact by taking a simpler and easier approach to maintaining a daily mindfulness practice, you’ll actually start seeing more improvements sooner!

Here’s why:

  1. A daily practice that is short and consistent feels good and restorative, like fresh air. You will want to continue it. In a short while it will be as normal as brushing your teeth. This is how it should be – a personal experience that you create, not something that you worry about “getting it right.”
  2. Your first few days or weeks may seem less like meditation and more like cat naps! Don’t worry – those quick rest breaks are normal while you are learning to reset your consciousness at will.
  3. A short practice puts you in touch with your personal power. In the course of a stress filled day, our inner mechanisms can imperceptibly move the emotions into turbulent inner reactions. You may present a confident or calm demeanor outwardly, while the inside feels quite twisted up in old fears and insecurities.

Your short meditation practice puts the brakes on this past-based inner programming. It is a moment of power when your awareness  of your real self emerges, reducing the strains caused by outer influences and inner distractions.

  1. Your meditation routine may be pretty much the same each day, but the benefits may be different from one day to the next. On a day you’re feeling lethargic, the benefit is coming out of meditation with sharper senses, more appreciation and happiness in your surroundings. Alternatively, on a crazy-busy day you rise from your sitting feeling quieter, and more in control. Watching yourself regain balance each day is delightful and so empowering.
  2. As a regular meditator, you begin to understand your daily sitting is not about accomplishing  anything.  Soon you practice each day without expectation. This is one of the most important shifts you can have in your conscious awareness. Your daily practice teaches you subtly to be detached from strong expectations, trying to control outcomes and people, As this becomes your nature, you start to grow in wisdom,



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