Anxiety, Relaxation & Mindfulness Apps for Kids

  1. Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame: this app is for kids of all ages. This is a helpful and educational app that you can let your students use when they are struggling with a particular problem. There is also a parent’s section, so you can use the app along with your students and guide them through the process.
  2. Settle Your Glitter: this is an effective emotional-regulation tool for kids. It allows them to note down their feelings and emotions and focus on their breathing. This is best for kids who struggle with hyperactivity or impulsivity.
  3. Mandala Memory: this is a card-flipping game which is appropriate for kids of all ages. The challenge is that the patterns look a lot like each other, which means that more focus and attention are needed in order to correctly match the cards.
  4. Super Stretch Yoga: it offers a kid-friendly guide to 12 different yoga poses. Each pose is introduced by a short animation and a live video of kids attempting to replicate the pose. Your students can even take pictures of themselves doing the poses and these pictures are automatically saved on your phone. Yoga is one of the most common ways to practice mindfulness, and with this app, your students can start this way of life at a young age.
  5. Breathing bubbles: this app is an emotional-regulation tool that helps kids release the tension and worries and focus on happy thoughts. This is most apt for kids who are going through a stressful situation or for kids who do not know how to label his emotions. The app lets kids name the emotion, determine its intensity, and then focus on a digital bubble that contains a user-created worry or joy.
  6. DreamyKid: the app includes kid-friendly guided visualizations, affirmations and meditations. Kids can listen to music that help in relaxation and falling asleep, and even focusing for school.
  7. Scape: it is an innovative app that makes ambient music by combining shapes, colors, textures, and backgrounds into a visual palette. Each shape contains musical elements designed to behave differently depending on where and when they are used. It allows your students to explore relationships between visual and sonic elements and experience tranquil and meditative listening moments.
  8. Ameka Love: Journey to Crystal Mountain: it is a storybook about a little girl on an adventure. The girl is in search for magical stones, dragons, and practices meditation. Its main lesson is for kids to be independent and for them to develop their self-management skills.
  9. 5 Minute Escapes: it is a simple app with visuals and relaxing music. You could use this during the first 5 minutes of your class just so you could keep your students focused throughout the rest of the class.
  10. Stop, Breathe, and Think: it is one of the most interactive meditation apps. Kids can earn stickers just by using the apps more frequently. This is more appropriate for young teens.
  11. Smiling Mind: it is an app for kids who often experience anxiety or stress. The app offers psychologist-developed mindfulness meditation activities. Each session starts with a few questions that will help the kids focus and bring their attention to the activity. The steps of meditation are simple and easy to follow. Consistent use could benefit the kids to the extent that they will be more focused in school.
  12. My First Yoga: this app is mostly for little ones and them being introduced to this activity called yoga. The colorful visual aids are for purposes of getting the attention of those who are quick to look for other things to do. The poses taught are also animal-inspired, which makes it more appealing to kids.
  13. Relax Melodies: this app is a relaxation aid at best. It allows kids to create personal mixes from a rich sound library. They can use this during their study sessions so they could stay focused.
  14. Headspace: one of the first meditation apps that were released in the market. It uses cartoon videos to teach the process of meditation. It also has a special feature which focuses only on meditation on targeted areas such as sports and health. It also has a buddy system feature so that two kids can work together.
  15. Calm: it offers new meditation every day and has 7-21 day meditation programs such as “7 Days of Focus”. Kids also have the option to listen to calming sounds such as the ocean and the waves.
  16. HelloMind: it is an app that can change negative thought patterns. Kids can choose treatment which they think is best for whatever it is that is bothering them at that moment such as cowardice, fear, and low self-esteem. This app is also good for worriers.
  17. Drift Away: players continually swipe their finger on the screen, pushing the bubble where they want it to go. The challenge is to avoid the obstacle course designed in the app such as waterfalls, tree branches, and bugs. The bubbles could pop, and this is what the players need to avoid. It includes soothing background music. The app is meant to help kids relax and free their minds from worries.
  18. Well beyond Meditation for Kids: it has five guided meditation processes, each process lasting only for a few minutes. Its visual aids, kid-friendly art and language, help the kids gain focus and attention.
  19. IF… The Emotional IQ Game: the best thing about this app is its ability to develop a child’s emotional intelligence, one of the most important aspects of a child’s life that needs a lot of guidance. The player engages in a quest which will help develop self-awareness and self-management skills. It also teaches kids about being helpful, grateful, and kind. It teaches them how to be wise and street-smart. More than that, it helps in the regulation of fear.
  20. Fitivity: this has yoga introductory lessons. It teaches kids to calm themselves and find their center. For it to be more effective, it has to be done every day. You can use this app at the start or end of your class every day.

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