The Mindful Stories Collection Season Two Speaker Info

Andrew Jordan Nance •

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Book Title: The Barefoot King

Publisher: Shambhala, Bala Kids

Age group: 4 – 9 yo


Adam Avin


Freebie: Free mindful mobile app for download on Apple & Android, Free mindful videos on the YouTube Channel, Free TEDx Talk

Book Title: My Grand-Dog Was A Yoga Instructor

Publisher: All 7 books are self-published

Age group: PreK to 2nd Grade (4 – 7 yo)


Laura Thomas Vroman


Freebies: Dragon Mandala, Turtle Mandala, Whale Mandala

Book Title: Spirit Child

Publisher: Seven Hills Publishing

Age group: 4 – 11 yo




Freebie: Mindful Moments for Kids, Resources Page

Book Title: Breathe and Be

Publisher: Sounds True

Age group: 4 – 8 yo



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Freebie: Mindful Moments for Kids, Resources Page

Book Title: Breathe Like A Bear

Publisher: Penguin Random House

Age group: 3 – 10 yo


Susan Kaiser

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Book Title: Mindful Games

Publisher: Shambhala, Bala Kids

Age group: The games are designed for kids, yet they can be just as fun and transformative for adults. Parents and caregiver audience.


Angie Harris


Book Title: Mad To Glad

Publisher: Mindful Aromatherapy, llc

Age group: 3 – 8 yo




Book Title: Breath Friends Forever, Master of mindfulness 

Publisher: New Harbinger

Age group: 6 – 12 y.o.

Rikke Braren Lauritzen • 


Book Title: Mind The Dog

Publisher: Independently published

Age group: Tweens age 8 – 12

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