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What People Are Saying

I feel my class is calmer, able to relax more and students have a better grasp on how to express and handle their feelings. They really enjoy all the mindfulness stories and cards that come with the curriculum.

Katy Oglesby

Mindfulness not only helps student’s awareness of the present moment, it allows them to understand their emotions in an in-depth way using therapeutic techniques to help calm their emotions if needed.

Kenji Noguchi

The MindBE mindfulness lessons help my students to be more aware of their bodies when learning how to mindfully breathe (lungs and belly breathing). We apply the mindful breathing during mindfulness lessons…

Larisa Mekis

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MindBE Curriculum

A fully ready, easy to implement curriculum for preschoolers, primary or secondary aged students. Complete with all printables and much more!

This research based curriculum promotes children’s peace, mindfulness, focus, empathy, kindness and much more -all in short, quick lessons that make an impact and provide the skills you need.

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Kids Can Thrive Course

Kids who thrive live happier, more productive lives and make a difference in the world.

This signature course includes 5 modules. With video and print lessons that are manageable and lots of activities to do together with your child, you will learn to help your child be their best self. From practical games, stories and activities you will help your children learn the tactics and strategies they need to succeed, and you might pick up a few yourself!

You´ll end up with better connections with your child, a feeling of bliss knowing your child is on the path to success and can cope with everything that comes at them in life,

Coaching Services

Direct one to one or group coaching.

Want to work directly with Helen? She will tailor a program to your child’s needs, provide you with email
access and one on one or group phone calls.

Helen will coach and mentor you to be the best parent you can be! Let’s work together


Preschool Mindfulness – Mind your words! Conscientious Speaking to Bring up a Compassionate Preschooler

Preschool Mindfulness – Mind your words! Conscientious Speaking to Bring up a Compassionate Preschooler

How do you turn your child’s emotional meltdown into a teaching moment? You don’t have to be a zen master to use a mindful approach to supporting your preschooler’s social-emotional learning. You really just need to learn about communication styles that support a caring, nonjudgmental environment. Within this safe environment, your child can have the space to be aware of his or her feeling, learn to identify specific internal reactions, and learn how to manage emotions.

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How to Stay Present -For Parents of Tweens

How to Stay Present -For Parents of Tweens

The ups and downs of tween’s behavior is legendary (it’s the stuff you can remind them when their children reach this age). However, when their energy and mood fluctuations start to upset your balance, it’s time to consciously work on staying present and nonreactive.

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At MindBe Education we are working on the United Nations Sustainability goals of Quality Education and Good Health and Well-being for all. Our broad goals include No Poverty.

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