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MindBe Education is dedicated to improving the wellbeing of parents, teachers and children by using proven research-based positive psychology tools and strategies. We help you live happier, calmer and more positive lives. Here you´ll find tools to help you thrive and to improve emotional regulation, focus and attention, and empathy. We incorporate many different modalities, tools and ideas and best practices in social-emotional learning to help you, your children or students to grow and develop.


We offer a range of coaching, consulting and other services as well as our bespoke curriculum and courses.

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How to work with MindBe Education?


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Or email us at info@mindbe-education.com to book face to face training with the date, location, number of participants and topics you would like training on.


Who are We? 


Helen Maffini (M.Ed) is the Director of MindBe Education. Her life’s mission is to improve the lives of children by working in the area of social and emotional fitness and wellness. She is currently completing her doctoral research investigating mindfulness and wellbeing in school settings.

Helen is the author of the book Developing Children’s Emotional Intelligence as well as several children’s books.

She has lived in 13 countries around the world and has worked with education reforms at the government level, with countless schools, international organizations and as well as coaching and training parents. She is a teacher trainer and curriculum developer.

MindBe Education has a roster of fully trained Consultants available all over the world. If you need training, please contact us for further information.


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