The Preschool Neuroscience Summit 2020

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Helen Maffini •




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Helen is the Director of MindBE Education and the creator of the MindBE Curriculum and the Thriving Kids Program, She is the host of the 2018 Preschool Mindfulness Summit and Co-Author of Developing Children´s Emotional Intelligence and Sammy´s Next Move.

Books: Developing Children’s Emotional Intelligence (Bloomsbury Education)

Sammy’s Next Move: Sammy the snail is a travelling snail who lives in different countries

Mine Conkbayir


Session Title: Neuroscience: what it tells us and what we need to know.

Mine is an award-winning author, trainer and PhD researcher. She has worked in early years for over 20 years. Mine is the winner of the Nursery Management Today (NMT) Top 5 Most Inspirational People in Childcare Award. She is the founder of the award-winning Cache Endorsed Learning Programme, Applying Neuroscience to Early Intervention and the two times award-winning online training programme,
Self-regulation in Early Years.

What you will learn:

Viewers will learn about (or consolidate their understanding of) neuroscience and its relevance to early childhood development. They will understand what the term neuroscience entails, what practitioners (and indeed everyone) can learn from certain findings from neuroscientific research and the fundamentally important role of self-regulation across the life trajectory – and their role in nurturing this life-essential set of skills, from birth.

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Book: Early Childhood and Neuroscience: Theory, Research and Implications for Practice.

Crystal McCreary •


Session Title: Making Classroom Management Magic: Mindful Strategies for Creating Safety, Compassionate Relationships and Culture for All Learners

Crystal McCreary is a yoga, mindfulness and health educator, actor, speaker and writer. Her career in education that spans 15 years has included working as an elementary school teacher, a yoga and mindfulness specialist and health educator in detention centers, public, charter and independent school settings. She currently works as a health and wellness educator at The Dalton School and is involved with organizations that aim to support youth with embodied contemplative practice including Mindful Schools, Bent on Learning, and Lineage Project. Crystal’s programs with adults and kids all emphasize self-care as the gateway to social justice and community healing in the world.

Free Learning Resources: Put Your Oxygen Mask on First: Gentle Morning Yoga Sequence

What you will learn:

You are a star. While you may have forgotten this truth about who you are, the students you teach have not.

Though the behaviors your students demonstrate may not always reflect their highest regard for you, themselves, or learning in the classroom, here is the truth: children and adolescents see the 

teachers and caregivers in their lives as the gateway to “magic”, fun and a more vibrant life. When we fail to embody these essential qualities in our teaching, we lose our kids’ attention (and respect) and become less effective teachers.

This discussion will offer a practical approach to classroom management that transforms the notion of classroom challenges and breakdowns (that are a natural part of teaching and group learning) into opportunities to deepen connections and grow, and re-vision and clarify an inspiring intention for your teaching that enhances student learning

Jennifer Fraser •


Session Title:  Tapping into Empathy Through Mindfulness

Dr. Jennifer Fraser is an educator and author. With a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature, she is trained to take different discourses like education, neuroscience and mindfulness and put them into dialogue. She has a forthcoming book, The Bullied Brain: What Neuroscientists Know about Brain Scars and How to Heal Them.

Free Resources: Early Childhood Developing Brain Introduction

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What you will learn:

Learning how to harness empathy through mindfulness practice is not only excellent for babies and toddlers, it’s also extremely healthy for the practitioner’s brain. In this interview, we will discuss the neuroscience of empathy and mindfulness as a tool to access it.

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