Coaching Packages

Coaching with Helen Maffini

Sometimes we just want to talk with someone and have someone to bounce ideas off, make a plan and help us stick to it. If you want to discuss your child´s development and how to help your child to thrive, please do join my coaching packages which in clude many bonuses and bespoke strategies and plans for you and your child or children. 

What you Get

Sessions are 30 minutes long. We dive in-depth into issues of your choosing and create a plan to help you, your child or your family to thrive and use tools and strategies to create a life of love, laughter, meaning and happiness. Additional tools and a written plan with actions will follow each call. Email consultation between calls is also included in the three and six month packages. 


One-off call: $300

1 month, 4 calls one per week $1000

3 month 10 calls one per week $2500

6 months 20 calls one per week $4750

Service Features

Weekly calls

Weekly 30 minute one on one calls will help you to clarify and create a plan that works for your child, your fanily and you. Discuss the issues and we will come up with solutions and plans to improve and help your family flourish.

Reference Materials

Helen will refer you to other materials, research articles and provide you with excercises to do with your child to help you to develop new skills and tools.

Bespoke Planning

After each call we will agree on an action plan and we will ensure accountablity and progress are made by supporting you through the process. 

Email Consultation

Bonus for 3 and 6 months clients is email consultation between calls, Email me with anything that comes up and we will amend or update our plans to keep moving forward.

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