The MindBE mindfulness lessons help my students to be more aware of their bodies when learning how to mindfully breathe (lungs and belly breathing). We apply the mindful breathing during mindfulness lessons but also in situations when children get overwhelmed with different negative emotions. I also teach them how to carefully listen and be aware of details which helps them develop a longer attention span and thus be more focused during our lessons.

Larisa Mekis

Preschool Teacher

I love using the MindBE Curriculum in my classroom. Even though my students are quite young, they still experience stress. Since implementing the curriculum I have noticed a huge increase in their emotional literacy, for example, they often ask how a classmate is if they cough or are wearing a mask if they are feeling okay. I also noticed the kids are able to really focus with more attention in many areas of the class which is from the intentional focus practice we do in the curriculum. Overall, I feel my class is calmer, able to relax more and students have a better grasp on how to express and handle their feelings. They really enjoy all the mindfulness stories and cards that come with the curriculum. As a teacher, I love that the lessons are laid out clearly with guidelines and are easy to implement.

Katy Oglesby

Grade 1 Teacher

Our school has been using MindBE Curriculum for our preschool kids. This year we have implemented it to our toddler classes. It is great to see the many benefits the curriculum has to offer to our students. By incorporating mindfulness into our student’s everyday lives, you can see how they slowly become more focused and observant on the small details around them. Mindfulness not only helps student’s awareness of the present moment, it allows them to understand their emotions in an in-depth way using therapeutic techniques to help calm their emotions if needed.

Kenji Noguchi

Deborah Bauhinia Garden-Head Teacher

We love using the MindBE Curriculum in our school. Since we have implemented it the teachers have all said how much calmer the school feels in general. We love the stories and parent support materials so we can really create home-school connections and promote mindfulness more holistically.  The best thing about the MindBE Curriculum is the lessons are ready to go and easy to follow and most of the materials are included or easy to find.

IU Wai-ting Sandy 姚蔚婷

Principal, Wellborn Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten (International Session)

Our school started using the MindBE Curriculum last year and the kids really love it. You can really see the difference especially in on how children speak to one another with kind words. Children are always on the look our for kindness now and often point out when someone does something kind. The kid’s ability to focus and really notice the present moment is also something most of us at the school have noticed. Kids will be very observant and notice small details in our daily classroom work.

LEUNG Ka-yee 梁嘉怡

Deputy Principal, Deborah International Pre-school (Site 7)

The MindBE Curriculum has had such a positive impact on our school. Both teachers and kids notice a difference in the culture of the school. We now implement the mindful moments suggested throughout the day and even in our morning announcements. The activities are all very child friendly and developmentally appropriate for preschoolers. The teachers love that everything is available in the simple lessons and you can download many of the resources required. There are loads of suggestions on working with parents which is great too!

YEUNG Hoi-ki Michelle 楊凱琪

Principal, Deborah English Kindergarten

We have really enjoyed the MindBE Curriculum. Parents at the school are really happy with it and often comment about seeing the children use strategies at home. The other day, one parent told me a student’s brother was upset and she told him to “Breath in deeply” Breathe in, Breathe out”, which is wonderful to hear! The self calming strategies are one of the areas we love in the curriculum. 

WONG Sheung-ping 王湘萍

Principal, Topkids International Kindergarten

The MindBE curriculum is very helpful for our students. We have created mindful corners in all our classrooms as suggested in the curriculum and the children love to go there and relax, refocus or just be calm.  The materials in the curriculum are beautiful and very easy for the teachers to use. We also love the journal which has helped our students share their feelings and observations.

HE Fanny何芳

Headmistress, Deborah Kindergarten

Our favourite part of the MindBE curriculum is the art projects. These have been really fun and it’s a great way to create visual impact that really teaches our students about kindness, sharing, caring and being mindful.

CHEN Theresa陈丽英

Head teacher , Deborah Kindergarten

MindBE has been very beneficial to our students. It allows our students to explore with their senses and work on their concentration to enhance their self-regulating techniques. The books provided and lesson designed is very interactive for all levels.

KU Ka-lai 顧嘉麗

Deputy Head teacher , Deborah International Pre-school (T.K.O)

After becoming EI friends through Six Seconds Helen attended one of my training in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and was a great contribute; quick to learn and helpful to other participants. With the release of her children’s story book aimed at 3rd culture kids: “Sammy’s Next Move” – the story of a snail who moves all over the world as he carries his home on his back much the same way as ‘third culture kids’ or kids who move overseas make their home wherever they are at the time, Helen has shown once more how she is sensitive to others and shown a wonderful way to get through to learners. I recommend her wholeheartedly as your consultant in raising an emotionally intelligent child.

Beryl Comar

Emotional Intelligence Development Specialist

Helen is a first-class education consultant. She has contributed to a range of projects within a number of our programmes across the Middle East and South-East Asia. When conducting fieldwork, Helen has always demonstrated outstanding skills of observation and analysis and produced reports of high quality. In the design and development of curriculum, teaching and learning and training materials, Helen has shown deep understanding of school improvement and created innovative products – always meeting expected timelines and quality criteria. She is personable and professional. I would recommend Helen without reservation.

Rory Mooney

Education Consultant

Helen has a deep knowledge and understanding of how children learn and develop. Helen transfers this knowledge and understanding to the teams she leads ensuring they are highly effective and that the best possible outcomes for children are achieved. Helen was instrumental in driving the improvements that were made in the schools she managed.

Jon Wood

Academy Improvement Adviser at Prospects Academies Trust

I worked extremely briefly with Helen but she had a really profound impact on me. She managed me in such a way that I felt I could always achieve when I made mistakes she was supportive and always showed me that things were easily fixed. Helen is Emotional Intelligence in action, in such a short period of time I learned so much from her.

Alyas Ali

School Director and Principal

Helen Maffini is an expert on Emotional Intelligence with outstanding skills in promoting and developing EI in children. Her enthusiasm is infectious and working with her has always been an invigorating experience. Helen’s creativity and energy is boundless. I hope to have the opportunity to collaborate with her again in future.

Elmarie Potgieter

CEO at MCII: Malaysian Collective Impact Initiative; Director RITE Education Consultancy

Helen is a diligent and extremely knowledgeable early years’ education practitioner and school leader. Helen is a lead practitioner on the application and understanding of emotional intelligence in and educational context. She is able to communicate complex ideas clearly and has an excellent manner in dealing with both pupils and colleagues alike.

Simon Ruscoe-Price

Director of Language

Helen is an excellent practitioner, manager, leader, and consultant with a specialist knowledge and insight into early years that I both respect and admire. She was key to developing early years best practice in Nord Anglia’s Middle East business. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Raza Khan

Director, Business Development at Working Links

When I first moved to the British International School in Abu Dhabi I found Helen to be one of the more approachable members of the school management team. She took the time to get to know new members of staff and homed in on their skills. Helen invited me to work on two of the school development committees which quickly gave me an insight into the way the school worked. She was always supportive and offered good advice when assessing situations. Helen has a great passion for her work. She understands the way children and teachers think! I would have liked to spent more time working with her on other projects.

Peter Malone

Teacher, Author, Blogger, Major(retd)

Helen was my Cluster Manager for one year. During that time, she was always approachable and able and willing to assist me. She made me feel part of a team of educators and valued my contribution to the PPP project both professionally and personally. She has a wealth of knowledge about education at many levels and has much to offer any organisation she would work for

Tracey Macdonald

Head of Faculty at ADEC

Dear All, I met Helen during the 6 Seconds certification program. Don’t let Helen’s soft demeanour mislead you. Here is a lady who packs in charm, poise, focus, kindness, care, compassion, accomplishment, grit and determination all into one. Anyone who will work and / or be associated with Helen will be exposed to a professional who is not just efficient but also an effective leader.

Saira Akbar

CEO, Global Management Consultants

Helen’s approach to her work was always professional and meticulous in delivering the highest quality. She led her team of advisory staff by example and took care to use the analysis of shareholders’ feedback to inform future planning in a strategic and focused way to achieve continuing higher standards in teaching and learning. Helen’s expert guidance in the area of Emotional Intelligence, a topic on which she has also authored a couple of books published in the educational community, was highly acclaimed among colleagues and the school leaders and local teachers whom she was responsible for.

Leonard Murphy

Cluster Leader, Nord Anglia Education

Helen is one of the finest educators I have had the honour to work with. Her knowledge and skills in school improvement and developing emotional intelligence are abundant and she is an exceptional coach and mentor.

Phil Lupton

Lead Advisor, Nord Anglia Education PLC

Helen worked for myself and Nord Anglia in two distinct roles. Both of these were in the area of early years education. She led the reform of a number of kindergartens in Abu Dhabi as part of a major school improvement initiative and also was the Head of Early Years Education setting up and establishing a very successful early years department at the Company’s International School in Abu Dhabi. Helen is someone you can trust to do a good job. She has exceptional skills and knowledge of early learning and works tirelessly to achieve high quality in all that she does. She has been instrumental in establishing the Company’s reputation in early years in the Middle East. She is always reliable, a good manager of people and a clear drive to improve education.

Paul Wagstaff

Regional Director: Middle East and South East Asia, Nord Anglia Education PLC

I managed Helen both as a cluster leader within the public-private partnership in Abu Dhabi and in her role as the founding head of infants at the new British International School in Abu Dhabi. Helen is a solution-oriented leader who has a good range of experience both in initiating and driving school improvement. She has a good deal of knowledge, exceptional people skills and a significant track record in leading and managing innovation in schools. She carries my unreserved recommendation.

Chris Penter

Director of Educational Quality, Nord Anglia Education Ltd

Incorporating the MindBE Curriculum in our school has demonstrated cogitative, social and psychological benefits. It has helped our students to be better focused and they show an increased empathy and understanding for others. This program has helped students as well as our teachers. It has transformed my classroom management style and my student has become more productive and cooperative. Children found it easier to tap in to their own feelings within a calm and nurturing environment. Our school has definitely benefited from this program and would recommend it to anyone.

Precious Samonte

PGI Class Teacher, Deborah Bauhinia Garden

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