How well we have lived, how well we have loved, how well we have learned to let go.

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For Teachers: MindBE Curriculum

A fully ready, easy to implement curriculum for preschoolers, primary or secondary aged students. Complete with all printables and much more! This research based curriculum promotes children’s peace, mindfulness, focus, empathy, kindness and much more -all in short, quick lessons that make an impact and provide the skills you need.

Become a certified MindBE Coach and Trainer and offer MindBE training to others! A full programme certifying you to train others in the MindBE methods and to lead training in this area.

For Parents: Mindful Parenting Mini Course

Want to be a more mindful parent so that you can give your best self to the kids. This mini course over 4 weeks shows you just how to do that. With mini lessons that are manageable

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What People Are Saying

I feel my class is calmer, able to relax more and students have a better grasp on how to express and handle their feelings. They really enjoy all the mindfulness stories and cards that come with the curriculum.

Katy Oglesby

Mindfulness not only helps student’s awareness of the present moment, it allows them to understand their emotions in an in-depth way using therapeutic techniques to help calm their emotions if needed.

Kenji Noguchi

The MindBE mindfulness lessons help my students to be more aware of their bodies when learning how to mindfully breathe (lungs and belly breathing). We apply the mindful breathing during mindfulness lessons…

Larisa Mekis


Mindfulness and Play Dates

Mindfulness practice helps your child develop great social skills of awareness, patience, nonjudgment and clear communication. Playdates can be an ideal time to cultivate and practice mindfulness. A mindful playdate does involve some planning. Take a hint from the way...

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A New Day -Morning Rituals for A Beautiful Day

Each new morning, whether sunny or grey, is filled with possibilities and the potential for great joy. Another day to awaken together as family, go about our activities, work, learning and then return home together is a true blessing. Why not make the first waking...

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Mindful Bedtime

Once they get the hang of it, many children love to meditate with their parents. However, practicing together requires that your child is willing to sit still in one place for at least a few minutes. If even this short amount of time is just too much for your...

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Breakfast: The Most Mindful Part of the Day

When families decide to make a greater effort to have more meals together, they usually focus on dinners. Why not breakfast? Breakfast, as they say, is the most important meal of the day, and it can also be the most mindful. Mindful family breakfasts, especially...

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Pick Up Time

When you pick up your child from school or day care, you have an opportunity to make those first few moments a special kind of mindful reunion. Of course, you probably already have a routine. For some parents, it starts with “How was school today?” The answer is...

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